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For us photographers Eh?
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Healthy Happy Ecofriendly Unconventional Livimg

Spring elixir by KmyGraphic ❀❁Namaste and blessed be. EVERYDAY IS A NEW ADVENTURE. Life is beautiful, totally in love with it❤ॐ Coexist, peace n luv, live healthy and happy, help out others, protect our planet Earth ,smile more and live each day to the fullest!! Everyday is a new adventure❀ ॐ

Flowers Heart by KmyGraphicFlowers and Butterfly by Nina1love1Flower Girl - Free Avatar by r0se-designs


Daily Activism, Causes and Awareness Activism , everyday adventures, Healthy Living and Wellness, Loving life,magick and Teen Witch life, Spirituality, nature loving, unconventional living, School and Community outreach/projects, and a way to connect with Da fam and fans★… ॐ✌


Psychedelic rock, Raver, riot grrl, Pagan/Fantasy, Hindu/Zen, surf and oldies my playlists and favourite groovy tunes and videos of living unnormally and its great to be different✌🌿🍄🌏… :iconyellowflowerplz:


🌏🌈🍄🌱☀🌼🍃🌿Namaste✌🌷 ⭐ ✌ ॐ ❦ ☀diversity and appreciating different cultures and ethnicites is amazing✌🍄🌿❤🌼 folder made in appreciation for all things groovy, Chakras, auras, healing stones, meditation,Psychedelism, trippy vibrations and Hinduism and Buddhism ❤❤🌻 🌏Sending you hug! by LOVEMAYU


🌏🌈🍄🌱Love the Earth, appreciate nature and the environment☀🌼🍃🌿✌🌷 ⭐ ✌ ॐ ❦ ☀ 🌻 🌏 inspired and appreciation of the mythical, fantasy world, Paganism ,Wicca myths etc . Mother earth appreciating nature and love life. Seasons greetings. I've fell in love with paganism since this Spring Equinox and spring /Ostara is my favourite season , heck I even made an album on Facebook dedicated to ostara adventures and springtime nature appreciation (though nature should also be appreciated everyday)❤because it is the season of new beginnings+☆ Blessed be✌🍃🍃🌿✌🌷 ⭐ ✌ ॐ ❦ ☀ 🌻 🌏

Fanart from beloved fans ILOVEYOU

If you need help, a friend or someone to talk to

I hope you have a beautiful life. Also, if you are going through anything, you are never alone. If you need to talk to someone or need a friend, I will never judge you. Feel free to drop in a message and I shall get back to you ASAP|! <3 Whatever you are dealing with, you are not alonel! Things eventually do get better !

For your consideration : I know life can hand us ups and downs. If you are near the end of your rope or feel the need to talk to someone, anyone.. I will always be here for you. I will never judge you and I am here to vent to and if you need someone's advice or opinion, by your own choice you can send me a message! I will do my best to response as quickly as I can. Thank you.:heart:

❁Thanks. Life is beautiful and so are you

Support Me! Stamp x3 By thetelegraphist by LivelovelifeEleni thank you 'theclothedcanine' for making me this! It truly means a lot!! If you want you can add this stamp to your page for support! Thanks!
Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsEVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL★ I believe that life is good and that there is good within world and that overshadows any bad thing about humanity★. With the power of helping others, we can achieve so many beautiful things Being alive is such a precious gift and so are you beautiful!.★ shine your light onto others because you can make a difference and remember that you are worth it and beautiful and that life is worth it.There is always a silver lining even if you don't always see it.
ThankYou by KmyGraphic
I apologize that I do not have time to reply to every comment, but your support is very much appreciated and warms up my heart!. I am truly thankful for your support ! <3 I also


love all of my watchers and consider them like family Your beautiful and heart-warming messages inspire me to keep motivating others. It touches my heart that I can be considered a positive rolemodel, help people change their outlook on life and to be happier and appreciate life!I hope my page is a warm environment to help you cheer up a bit or feel inspired I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL ANGELS ;;A;A<33 Hope we can enjoy life together on this beautiful journey, or if you are just visiting I hope you have a great day and a great life that you love, because you deserve to enjoy it.

Make an impact, CHANGE begins with YOU★

Sincerely, Eleni <3

Tips to be healthyhappy

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 3:10 PM

☀♥★Tips to be happy and healthy♥☀♡ Fruit☆ its natural sugar, filling and has not alot calories its okay to eat as muCH of it as you want. ♡Water☆ Spice up your water with a lemon in it, some ice or mint or put in some flavour yummy♥🌿 Do your best each day to inspire others ro be healthy, look on the bright side of things and to care for our planet make sure to reuse, reduce, recycle♥♡and smile and laugh alot. If you are not laughing or smiling man it doesn't feel like you're alive at all. Start living♡♡EXCERSIZING CAN BE FUN ♡go for a walk. Hike. Natuee is beautiful and there is so much to see. Hugs . Hugging makes you feel good Mann spread the love hug it out.Meditate. You will have more focus, energy and feel more relaxed. If you have quite alot of stress it can make you ill. Namaste and feel zen♡♡ Play just dance or have a dance party, yoga, meditate, walk around fast. After a workout You may feel tired but sexier and phew the satisfaction of having done it is great. ☆Limit thr fast food♡ enjoy the outside sunshine drink some lemonade, fruits, water healthy snacks and liMIT the junk or fast food because after you tend to feel full or bloated or tired because of all the thoughts are all over the place but coexist with eachother let people do what makes them happy but you can subtly help others to live healthier and make them feel better and have better health. Its a great gift and all it takes is one person to show others awareness🌿☀🌏☆HAPPY SPRING☆♡♥spending it eating a lot of fruits like organic and still being semivegetarianfruitarian, casting spells with my healing stones, going on walks and adventures listening to oldies and classic rock feelin like a 70s flowerchild fairy and my eighteen birthday soon and planning for college making changes to our home to move and prom soon , calling my overseas bf Daniel and work ahhh well cheers guys♡♡♡🌼💞✌🌿🌏🍄∰I love chu might make a journalon long diatance relationship tips adios namaste and aummm you're beautiful. Do what works best for you to feel more happy and healthy.  .Nature is Precious. by Doki-Bunny
jCoexist. by Jez123

Live In Peace by PridesCrossing

Fruit Paradise by rjonesdesignNWBfooTCgh by LivelovelifeEleni

7fMHxVOJiK by LivelovelifeEleni

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WB7qUhQxoS by LivelovelifeEleni

Mushroom Sparkle
  • Listening to: psychedelic 70s music
  • Watching: video on how to cleanse chakras
  • Eating: bananas yumm


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🌿👽 Eleni Juliette Stefanidis
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
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stamp for peace by kailorAppreciation Day Stamp by luneves
Be the change you wish to see in the world, inspire others and live your life to the fullest. Everyday is a new adventure and life is like a movie! Being alive is such a precious gift and so are you!! You're beautiful. It is so wonderful to be alive. Life is beautiful. Life is worth it. You deser ve to be happy. ॐ ❀ ❁ ॐ爱你

Hey honey, my name is Eleni! I am utterly in <♥ with LIFE! ♦LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! ♦I love Daniel, my spiritual lotus moonbeam hippie Raver man☀Adventurer/Wandering through life☀Old soul☀Chinese/Greek♥ To sum me up, I am a freespirited old soul Hippie Raver goth tribal Hindu psychedelic alien space princess vintage japangirly80s rainbow mermaid forest faerie 1970s teen Raver Adventurer Motivational Speaker and Activist adventuring through life who does her best to help others and spread happiness, positivity and to help others be inspired to live a healthier and happier life man
Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs ♥HIGH on life 24/7❤ Healthnut ❤ Forests and underwater are my home❤Zen Namaste Aum❤ Fruitarian and Vegetarian(save our animals)♥ I love to live an unconventional lifestyle❤ Many cultures are a part of my everyday life Diversity and embracing different cultures and people's weirdness and uniqueness is awesome.☆Random Facts/Trademarks: Flashing the peace sign always because that is how I say hi and it is a way of life to spread love towards others and being easygoing. I always wear big jewels or a bindhi everyday to represent my third eye and wear my psychedelic mushroom and rose quartz healing stone necklaces for positive energy and my matching locket with that my boyfriend gave me☆Christian/Hindu/Pagan/Buddhist/Druid/Mermaid/Faerie/Witch and Proud Treehugger★ Minimalist❤pizza☆ I speak 3/4 languages★ Pansexual

★Hobbies: Yoga, walking with barefeet, zen Meditation, working out, being a nostalgiageek, groovin to oldies, raving PLUR, drumming, dancing, being positive no matter how life is, meeting new people, colouring, meditation and helping to spread awareness and positivity within my school, community and everywhere I go, singing and adventuring 80s teen culture and anything old geek ❦ Favourite Music Genres: Psychedelic Rock, Surf, songs from different cultures and different languages [Diversity], Indian Punjabi Music, fantasy musix, meditation chants, goa trance, Eurodance, riotgrrl feminist punk rock and Oldies ❦ ❤Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs These are some of the children that I tutor/mentor, they have so much potential and will forever be a part of my heart★
Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs- N - E - O - N - by skinnyveestampDA Stamp - Peace 01 by tppgraphicsRave On, stamp by JazzaXRainbow Stamp by rainbowramen321rave stamp by VibeviantKandi Stamp by witch13888I love the 50's Stamp by Lar-KiHairspray Stamp by Toasty-CoconutAbba Disco Europop Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanMusic from the 20s by SailorSolar80s Anime stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsmermaid -- stamp by lynseaAnimal Cruelty is not funny by Faeth-designstamp for peace by kailorRockband Girl Drummer Stamp by candysmile4006Hinduism-stamp by HopeSwings777Pride :Stamp: by Circe-BakaNancy Drew Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanHappy Goth by Midnyte-Wolffenvironment stamp by environmentheart decora stamp by agentkazBoys over flowers stamp by GoddessofWindsThe Fault in Our Stars by izoochooPansexual Pride Stamp by Just-JasperI Love Dance... -dA stamp- by demonicademorteGlee Stamp by emmytonksStamp: I love NATURE by silsadoSoul Surfer Stamp by SuperFlash1980Classical music stamp by TollerkaFeminist by DametoraThe Sims Loading by ClefairyKidPizza addict by chuletzpsychedelic stamp by SeraphoidGirl Rock Nation Stamp by dA--bogeymanCant stop singin stamp by kimy-kissstamp: LiZZiE McGUiRE - logo by SimbiAni80s Movie Fan Stamp by ViciousCherryGoth at Heart Stamp by SanguineEpitaphHYD-BOF Stamp by MiirokuVintage Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHalvsie Pride by yasashiikoGives Me Hope Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Crystals Divider by r0se-designsAngel FamilyCrystals Divider by r0se-designs
God bless you angels..these are some DA Family and loyal Supporters and friends/ and some of my favourite people on DA. Their love inspires me. Thanks for sticking by me as it has been a pleasure to have you as DA family and you're always in my heart. I love you and all of you :heart: You shouldtotally and check out their Artwork! ✌✌👍 Radical groovy k00l kats!++
:icondemileighfreeman: :iconbluchevalier: :iconaspiringuni: :icondarkassassindp: :iconkotei-heika-chrome-d::iconwolverine041269::icontwilight57: :iconpseudowitch: :iconsilverpaper10: :iconkittys-yay: :iconthewritingdragon::iconphantomhivelen::iconinfinitexxx: :iconlunarleon1: :iconagetian: :iconviilovelessvii: :iconcrom-is-dead: :iconthestringsofgold: :iconirideamagicalladle: :iconkezzi-rose: :iconsushi-cutie: :iconpeachichibi: :iconfan-gogh: :iconkrshn12: :iconpukachi: :icontheexplosivesushi: :iconuber-dan: :iconennalissia: :iconinfinitebilly: :icondogmatickerr::iconkiimetsukyomi: :iconmangasockattack: :iconskygazing: :icondifferentforgirls: :iconxxnatxo: :icon123iloveotaku: :icontgiba: :iconaravil1: :iconplayfulkittyartist: :icondark-chain-chomp: :iconx-vivaerethalonia-x: :iconirishbecky: :iconal3xdk: :iconartistica25: :iconauroraart: :iconhectormcreyes: :iconbepopee: :iconleon52827: :iconsillyyellow: :iconrareflower3377: :iconmuiroflanternwaste: :iconjec00k: :iconzeke-01: :iconthedumbfoundedtrixie::iconchromeantennae: :icondark-lemur: :icongrey-wolf1:
:iconsnoogaloo: :iconjukobaelet: :iconferelwing: ::iconmaki-cha::iconbl1zzardst0rm::iconxzoeamberx: :icongoldilockes: :iconxclt: :iconcamilia-chan: :iconsomeinfinite: :iconfurippi: :iconthedarkwingguardian: :iconkatsyune: :iconcooliberta: :icontenchi8: :iconharleklown: :iconair482: :iconawesomeduskangel: :iconsecret-ninja-super-m::iconrose-scarlet: :iconcakefromthechatlands: :icongargoylesblood: :iconwarriorofart-1141::icontskearnscooper::iconxxdeadlyrose15xx::iconlightfeathy555::iconhrbutunts::iconyeelixir::iconmilovanf::iconnaginyannyan::iconamekuma92::iconsplash-of-rainbows::iconkawaiikunoichi17::iconpwheartgal::iconmonikasecrets::iconmrfuddles::iconzerosfuturewife::iconkappukekigaru::iconladysomnambule::iconwicked-amaranthine::iconthemexicanduck::iconfairy-of-the-valley::iconformaldehydin::icontissuebox2::iconavadestria::iconsilenstorm50:::iconremixmelody1::iconfuyu-oleander::iconterumi670::iconmelodiamystic::iconre-chi::iconrobertrobledo::iconkimikosaharai::iconkrshn12::iconahsoka626::iconvifairytail::iconlucyranelle::iconthenovabusfan::iconwhitemayonnaise::iconyumenox::iconkumikohanabi::iconjeruka9::iconnami-star::iconflightless-wingz::iconotaku-az::iconwindsnap-cat::iconiamwithintemptation::iconyounesanimedrawing::iconforesty-atelier::icongreeceskitty::iconlonesomebookworm::iconizz-noxfox::iconvahzah-dovahkiin::iconjuliabur::iconkaitomo::iconmalco735::iconfeline-intellect::icondarkc3po::iconred-werez::iconkitsune0jester::iconpizzagenius98::icondantebayo::iconimperiumgraphics::iconamethyst49::iconid-rather-dream::iconfluffygerbil::iconzoeyshadows::iconjenthevoid::iconluckyspirit14:


🌈 🌟 ॐ 🌿 ✌ 👽  👾 🌙HIi! GUESS WHAT? You're beautiful! There is no one else like you! Life is what you make it so go out there and take a risk. Never stop believing in yourself honey. Let yourself be happy and feel joy<33 bad times are inevitable so it is all about how you react to life. You have the power to choose if you will be happy or not today! Reach out and inspire others. We gotta Coexist with one another and respect while open minded and never give up!!★ I am so proud of how far you have come;;; @; Let's change the world !<3 ॐ ❁ ✌

ॐ ❀✿ Uplifting Favourite Quotes Motivation

💚 Life is beautiful. Cherish it, learn from it and live it up! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE and yes, you can make a difference whether it is a smile, a hello or getting involved and being a good friend. I also hope that you may grow spiritually as a person and live your best life!💚
💚MAKE IT HAPPEN!💚 If you fail, try again. Never give up - My mom 💚You give meaning to my life, you're the inspiration. (Song by Chicago) 💚I feel it in the air, hope is everywhere. Just when you think its gone..just when you can't go on- (song by Joee)💚 Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion - Mohammad Ali 💚 Live as if you were to die tomorrow - Mohatma Gandhi 💚Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile - Mother Theresa

Why I give I love to give llamas! <33 LOVE YOU! LifeisBeautiful

Hey, you are magnificent! :iconbigheartplz:

A llama may be only a deviant art thing, but to me, I send my appreciation by faving, and uniquely telling you what I love about your art and what I think of it, as well as giving llamas. I don't EXPECT them in return, and honestly, if it makes people smile, and I truly do mean what I say, <3 As long as you smile and it makes you feel awesome! You deserve the reward for everything you do! It may be just ''some simple'' thingy, but to me it tells people that I appreciate what they are doing, that they should keep it up, and also a cute/fun thing for them to have :heart: Hey, wouldn't it be really epic if these turned out to be Pandas or Unicorns in disguise? o.O !!

Love you darling. ;) Stay groovy!

☆◇Frequently Asked Questions◇☆

How do you always stay so happy :heart: We are all human and no one can always behappy. In fact, being happy all the time is not healthy, but you can be generally positive or optimistic and happy! Also, you can choose whether to let things get to you or not and decide whether you wear a smile or a frown mindset throughout the day!! Worrying less and enjoying life more!! Just try to appreciate what you have and what is going right and stay close and do anything that makes you happy. Enjoy the little things and try to give back and reach out and love others..or anything that soothes the soul like music, makingart, meditation etc. YOU can be happier more often!!
What is your ethnicity?
:heart: My background is half Chinese. HAPA!<33 愛
What do you do outside of Deviantart/what are your hobbies??
:heart: I try reach out to someone new, being outdoors, writing in my diary about the good things that happen each day,being as best a role model as I can for my younger friends, motivational speeches, tutoring children, helping out inside school and my community, creating, being weird..just living life!
What Animes do you like/watch?
:heart: Generally, I prefer manga and only 80s anime with all girly 80s Japan culture and its music too!:3 However, my favourites are - Boys Over Flowers, Initial D, BECK, Lovely Complex, Paradise Kiss and Fushigi Yuugi.

ॐ ❀✿ Uplifting Artwork Inspiration ॐ

Rave girl by KikoliAwestruck by OliviaRosePhotoI'm a Very Happy Girl -stamp- by Princess-Peachiedripping with ideas! by DemachicColourful Angel by SilverChaimP.L.U.R by anna-becca7When You Sleep by goRillA-iNK- Lait Fraise - by AmbreAkasoraBe mine. by Heart4SkiesHeavenly Shoujo Kitsch by m-u-ll-eImagine by RawPoetryForest Fairy by Michaela9Be My Sunshine by Kezzi-RoseThe forest whispers my name by dokon

:iconbigheartplz:These are some of many reasons why life is beautiful and worth it, as well as some Art that is colourful and inspiring. Change begins with YOU. Namaste and may the power of the cosmos be with you.:iconbigheartplz:


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