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🌈✌Aum🌻ॐYAY!! HAY WELCOME hugs🌸NAMASTE我爱你je taime♥🏄LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and a miracle, just. Like. YOU🐣 ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND I CANT STOP MYSELF FROM SMILIN, and it can still be a beautiful day🌻(lyrics)☀ There is always hope and a silver lining. Keep hanging on beautiful angel! It does get better and the good stuff in life is what matters!♥ BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD♥ 🌼Baby, you are worth it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


There is inspiration, beauty and hope that can be found anywhere!🌼♥Your existence matters♥Life may not be perfect but it is full of possibilities and the good in the world is what matters and keeps us going.✌(check out stuff like givesmehope, buzzfeed anywhere you'll find beauty and inspiration >3@< )(Made for me by my beautiful pal, Miss Sakura aka :icontheawesomeness111: ) 🌺 You gotta keep going!♥DONT GIVE UP ON LIFE and YOURSELF honey! Life is a Beautiful adventure and I hope you enjoy the ride! There is always hope and no matter how tough it can get there is always a silver lining or lesson. I love you so much and so do others. Let's do our best to be kind to eachother, ourselves and help our world. There is still faith in humanity. Even though life may not be 10000% perfect, we can still choose to find happiness and make the most of it and enjoy the goodness. That is what matters. Hope you have a great day/life and hope you stay motivated and Inspired and help others feel their best and feel loved. Shine on sunshine;)wish ya the best[!♥🌻我爱你,Peace, love, hope, activism, diversity, be true to you, inspire, help others, go caraaazeh;D, Motivation, kindness, conpassion, live, love, laugh, dance have fun, hope you enjoy the rollercoaster and love life<33 worth it;)🌈Flowers Heart by KmyGraphicFlowers and Butterfly by Nina1love1Flower Girl - Free Avatar by r0se-designs 🌈 Flowers Heart by KmyGraphicFlowers and Butterfly by Nina1love1Flower Girl - Free Avatar by r0se-designs

[[ These are l y r i c s that give me hope yay random dancing highonlifeness!>D-🌸🌈✌Life is Beautiful, these are the moments that make us feel alive ( The Afters), Youre the best around and nothings ever gonna keep ya down (JoeExposito), domt let hate get in the way just TURN IT INTO LOVE♡(kylieminogue), Nothings gonna stop me now(samfox), the little things that make life great this is the best FEELING/(A.L) Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion(MuhammadAli), oh brighter than the sun, Spread love unconditionally (Mother Theresa), COEXIST, ONELOVEONEWORLD🌏, Keep giving e hope for a better day, everythings ok (Lenka),I feel it in the air hope is everywhere (Joee) If I get up I might fall back down again well we get up anyway (Superchick-), Its a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling (Michael Buble), There's something about the sunshine baby I'm seeing you in a whole new life, You showed me faith is not blind I don't need wings to help me fly cause miracles happen (Myra), If you have a problem I'll be here for you (Play) -- Dreaming of the day we have some alternative plans like holding hands and staring up and counting all the stars(ellegarden), risk it all cause ill catch you if you fall wherever you go if my heart was a house youd be home (owlcity), I caught an angel, hes forever mine ill love him till the end of time (onetoone), I see your true colours and thata why i love you (cyndilauper), Im crazy for you (madonna), I cant be no superman but for you ill be superhuman (1d), Keep holdin on, i know youll MAKE IT THROUGH (avrillavigne)favLyrics/Quotes🌈

♡🌻🌸✌🌈 There is hope everyday! You gotta keep on believing even when times get rough..there's always a silver lining ;-; 🌸🌻🌸✌ If you want to check out some diverse and happy awesome groups with good messages check these out online outreach is one of my favourite hobbies and I'm so proud of groups like these that help make da and the world a better place. Everything helps!! -first 3 are Groups im active/ or contributor to:

:iconburstofcolours:, :icongift-of-giving:, :iconhappy-squad: :iconloveseesnogender:, :iconlightmyday: :icongives-me-hope: :iconpeace-keepers: :icondeviantheart: :iconaspergers-support: :iconstop-the-hate: :Stamp: Never too Late by SouthrobinI Heart Spectrum by NauticalSparrowGives Me Hope Stamp by Kezzi-RosePure Truth - 08 by TheStampKingStamp: Never too small by SouthrobinLGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-RoseLove Life Stamp by Mel-RoseyPositive thinking stamp by axxisdeviantHELP stamp by emptyidentityentityDiversity makes a better world by Pastillita'I Love You' Stamp by penafStamp: Good Worth Fighting For by Southrobinrandomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzStamp: Judging Art by starfire-wolfStamp: Everyone Needs Encouragement by starfire-wolfLove has no gender by Pastillita</h3>


“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing". "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile". - Mother Theresa


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🌈✌👽 Eleni J/On Vacation
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

✌🌈Bonjour! *cheesy 90s TV show opening pose, spins then winks //cough-* ☀☆♦♥Nice to meet you! My name is Eleni and I am a happy go lucky, dorky grandma gal who is in love with (♥) / high off of life!! I love to live life to the fullest like its a movie and make the most out of it because everyday is a new adventure!! Here's a bit about me!
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🌈 🌏✌ Global Activist/Early Childcare Education Student/Motivational Speaker/Wellness/Inspiration and Motivation Blogger and Online Outreach Activist/crazy dork/ Tree hugger/ Greenpeace Volunteer/Life lover/ Adventurer/Pizza Addict/Alien🔮🌈👽🌙


ॐI can also be found on: Facebook: </b?>… for Activism, whatever inspires me, healthy/lifestyle, colourful looks, and Community outreach and projects!♥

❤ My Artwork is inspired by Rainbows, Activism/Awareness, memories, Vintage, dream like nostalgia, Colourful vibrance, Fantasy, magical fairy dust, Psychedelism, Causes for Awareness, Cosmic Energy, mermaid magic, dreams, anything outside the box and memories❤

🌈🌼je taime. 我爱你! ,sending peace, love, happy energies and blessings to you beautiful souls🌼!!

FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore
🌺 Art Mediums?: Psychedelic and Fantasy Art/Conceptual Photographer/loves to build websites, edit graphics, loves to sing, dance, play ukelele, drum!, reiki healing, meditation and yoga!!♥
🌼谢谢 My style: free spirit!: ✌🌈👽🔮 Rainbow Alien Hippie old soul quirky Costumey Faerie Mermaid Elf Nekocat Raver classy femme Riotgrrlpunkrocker, goth, 90s kandi anime raver, 80s Japan, surfer, tribal, 60s ParisienneYeye, Medieval, Chinese Priestess, mod 60s, discobabe, Jane austen and1800s, oldies/Vintage, Spiritual, Christian, Hinduism, Buddhist, Witch, non conformist♥Health nut, minimalist, empath/Chinese/Greek/French/Pansexual/🌼 Be who you are!! Its your life!:) Be unapologetic for who you are!
Stamp_I'll love you until the world ends by JEricaMDo something positive by FireFlyExposed
I'm a Very Happy Girl -stamp- by Princess-PeachieBelieve in Magic by Midnyte-Wolff Rainbows Stamp by Kumidaiko- N - E - O - N - by skinnyveestampDA Stamp - Peace 01 by tppgraphicsrave stamp by VibeviantKandi Stamp by witch13888Hairspray Stamp by Toasty-CoconutAbba Disco Europop Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanMusic from the 20s by SailorSolarmermaid -- stamp by lynseaAnimal Cruelty is not funny by Faeth-designstamp for peace by kailorRockband Girl Drummer Stamp by candysmile4006Pride :Stamp: by LauNachtyrNancy Drew Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanenvironment stamp by environmentI Love Dance... -dA stamp- by demonicademorteStamp: I love NATURE by silsadoSoul Surfer Stamp by SuperFlash1980Classical music stamp by TollerkaFeminist by DametoraThe Sims Loading by ClefairyKidPizza addict by chuletzpsychedelic stamp by SeraphoidGirl Rock Nation Stamp by dA--bogeymanCant stop singin stamp by kimy-kissstamp: LiZZiE McGUiRE - logo by SimbiAni80s Movie Fan Stamp by ViciousCherryHYD-BOF Stamp by MiirokuVintage Stamp by Kezzi-RoseGives Me Hope Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAnother Neko Stamp by XSilverXAnimeXGirlXI Cried When Matt Died Stamp by LenaLawlietW.i.t.c.h stamp 1 by sugar-plum123fushigi yuugi by lucianagHana Yori Dango stamp by thecapturedspyPansexual Pride Stamp by Just-JasperTotally Spies stamp no.2 by CsodaautCheese Stamp by LadyCatra

GOALS for my ACCOUNT/大dapage☆🌺

:I want to help others to be happy and to help them see the beauty in life and in themselves., Journals on Health/Wellness and living a healthy and happier lifestyle/life lessons, embracing Diversity and being open minded and accepting others for who they are, to celebrate individuality and open minded ideas and doing what we can to help make the world a better place and last of all; to help encourage others to help online and offline! Everything counts!! No action of kindness is too small!!♥☆🌺 I hope it can help inspire you to love life, live it to the fullest, feel hopeful and love yourself and that the power to help others is in all of us! We can help change the world and do what we can to spread awareness, positivity, happy vibes and joy and embrace people of all shapes and sizes because Diversity rules! Weirdness does too<3 WOO<33 dont need to fit in with societies standards, brohana just be you! theres goodness and hope that can be found anywhere in the world.. dont stop believing ..youre gonna be ok. life isnt perfect but the good stuff is what keeps us going. You are gonna be ok. there is always hope and faith in life and humanity. You gotta keep going!<3 Life is beautiful..its a blessing to be alivejust. BLESS!

✌🔮👽Aum. Namaste, peace love and light.🌙♡✌ 🌻Everyday is an adventure! Make the most out of life!!🌻 🌈🌟Raver Code: Peace. Love.Unity. Respect🌈🌟 🍄Dare to be different or own your style and quirks♡🍒⛅

🍉Activism and kindness can be done anywhere. No act of kindness is too small. It all matters🍉

🍀I’d like to show you some of my inspiration's♡ the kids I teach will always have a special place in my heart. You can live out your dreams!

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🌺🌸Family/Angelsinmyheart:🌸🍒Crystals Divider by r0se-designs
God bless you angels..these are some DA Family and loyal Supporters and friends/fam and some of my favourite people on DA. Their love inspires me. Thanks for sticking by me as it has been a pleasure to have you as DA family and you're always in my heart. I love you and all of you :heart: 🌈Check out these beautiful human DA fam mean the world to me🌸

beautiful dear Waifu saranghaeyo♥ :iconpeachichibi:
♥Punk protective big bro:iconskullmuffins:British goth bff hubby rawr :3 :icondark-chain-chomp:old watcher and sista misschu♥ :iconkotei-heika-chrome-d:Erik♥:iconpseudowitch:♥ miss ya Mary lil sis :iconinfinitexxx:one of the most supportive da friends♥:iconagetian:♥ old pal miss ya:iconviilovelessvii: Brony big bro ♥:iconuber-dan:♥kpop unni big sis :iconskygazing:♥Linda :icondifferentforgirls: tomasz♥:iconaravil1: old pal miss u♥:iconplayfulkittyartist: ♥cartoon masta;) big sis beckster :iconirishbecky: fellow hippie boho sis ♥:iconxzoeamberx: ♥ spiritual big sis :icongoldilockes: German hubby/bro ♥:iconsomeinfinite: ♥ protective older bro bfflforlifeomgosh :iconthedarkwingguardian: big bro will senpai ♥:iconbowwing333:♥ famous da big sis/first da idol ♥:iconkezzi-rose:♥Amber da sista :iconkitsune0jester:♥lil bro Harlan givesmehope :icontwilight57:old pal/fellow Canadian sis :iconlamamilie: Zoe♥:iconzoeyshadows:jen♥:iconjenthevoid:♥Namaste FAM :iconluckyspirit14:♥aria :iconariamay123:Gigi♥:icongigi50:♥Katherine♥:iconfridgepoetproject:♥Greek hub b y George :icondantebayo: ♥old pal/sis :iconthewritingdragon: lil sis ♥:iconkatykatkilla:♥dear OL d friend :iconcaito-x:dear OL d friend♥:iconawesomeduskangel: ♥rich ♥:iconsnoogaloo:🌸🌺♥ Alexa♥ :iconghosthoelilly: Val fellow Canadian Activist sista :iconcelinedgd: Ashley sis♥ :iconalliwannadoissleep: Sakura <3 :icontheawesomeness111: Tristan<3 :iconterisutaen: did I forget anyone else? Well I love you all infinitely. Thanks for helping to make this experience amazing on DA!


Hey, you are magnificent! :iconbigheartplz:A llama may be only a deviant art thing, but to me, I send my appreciation by faving, and uniquely telling you what I love about your art and what I think of it, as well as giving llamas. I don't EXPECT them in return, and honestly, if it makes people smile, and I truly do mean what I say, <3 As long as you smile and it makes you feel awesome! You deserve the reward for everything you do! It may be just ''some simple'' thingy, but to me it tells people that I appreciate what they are doing, that they should keep it up, and also a cute/fun thing for them to have :heart: Hey, wouldn't it be really epic if these turned out to be Pandas or Unicorns in disguise? o.O !!

🌈🌻🌸☆🌙I love you all so so very much! This has been one of the best summers !! ( warning journal is scattered- basically i will be on less but still doing what i love- helping people and helping people to love life and be positive and first year of college and getting back into youtube!! Reach me there look up RainbowSunnyHippieLoveLife (My new inspire lovelife project which I will do as a hobby ;o<33) or on facebook if you want );-! 🌸🌸🌸🌻🌻🌈IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER even though it's been less than a week since I have been  posting anything..sigh see thats how I realize a few days feels like forever without internet because I've been online for wat too many hours putting peoples needs before myself? BUT♥ I love you all and meeting you I wouldn't change for the world! You're my family! The fact that you all support and watch me means a bunch, especially new watchers who gave me a chance thank you! My beautiful daretobeyou rainbowrific aliens my lovelifeAlienfamgam<33 ♥🌈👽🏄☆Oh and you can now find me on YouTube for loving life adventures and what not!! I will officially be putting up vids within September so stay tuned and lets keep enjoying the ride of life together! :0 ♥ Y O U♥♥Everyday I think of you guys and I realize my dreams have come true and in fact, people like you help motivate me everyday!! Sometimes i wonder if within my daily everyday life.. If i pass by any one of you! 0.0 coughcometocanada;@;so we can take pics and do random dancing and smile at strangers and compliment them togethaaaaa HEHEHEHE@;<3 Anyways, life is really great and I regret to say I won't be on deviantart might not even hear me at the most amount of time-- a month? I am not leaving deviantart forever I promise. I will still check a few times a month but ..🌸🌸🌸?thank you all for supporting and believing in me, just like i believe in you!;-; you are beautiful🌺🌺🌺?SCHOOL: GaAaaHHH!!//@/ I am so excited that my first year of college is within a week..and I'm shocked!!! What happened to high school? It may have been long, but it was surely the best four years of my life and I'll never forget the memories.  Here's to making new ones and looking forward to the future! The next chapter!! Not only will I be juggling schoolwork, being in my placement at other schools and dealing with little children but also doing what I love and dabble in a few hobbies! Hopefully a punk rock surf psychedelic band?? And make a collaboration YouTube video channel project about lovin life and happy moments being put onto film? Hoping to find people to do this with me. I want to direct and value my privacy the channel won't be about focusing on me or sharing inspiration with you jsut by MYSELF, but with others. I love to direct stuff and see it all come together <33 makes me happy<3 as well as I'll be involved in numerous clubs and getting involved and helping the community and charity work which I love. And its free! However I'm gonna have to find a real job too..:-'7 welp wish me well in my luck finding one!;P🌸🌸 Soo on a final note..I know I am very busy but you guys are always in my heart! You are my  Lovelifefamgam<3 famgam means family its a weirdo dork cute nickname for fam in my book xp gam just rhymes with it!  Keep on doing your best to be happy, enjoy and make the most out of life and help others and help inspire others -grouphugsobs-;-; ♥♥ special shoutout to my new watchers!! And anyone I've been talking to alot! In a week college starts I'll b focusing on helping ppl and in free time on YouTube here is my and my channel btw all about lovin life <3 this is an old vid from years ago but glad I was still happy and optimistic then as I am now! <3-hugs.🌺🌸☆🌈🏄🔮🌏🐸 PEACE, LOVE, AND HAPPY VIBES <33;3♥ P.S ♥;  I am not leaving deviantart completely I promise. I will still reply when I can..and put up journals and share love of helping people and loving this incredible gift that we call LIFE 🌻🌸You can also reach me on Facebook : Eleni Juliette Stefanidis ♥ YouTube:  Or just type in livelovelifeeleni (recentlychangedtheusername) Namaste and rainbow fairy dust hugs and kisses to you<33 keep on keeping on!! I'll always believe in you and so will others! Enjoy life as best as ya can!! See ya soon<3 good luck in life! I know you can SO DO IT!! Stay true to you and let's continue on this journey to enjoy life as best as we can and help inspire and say thanks life!>>3<!🌸♥🌻👽🌈🔮☀ wow da wouldn't let me tag more than two people I'm not leaving though I promise love you all fam!<3
CelineDGD Terisutaen
embedded_item1440497118706 by LivelovelifeEleni
We live in a world where there are people of many different body shapes and sizes. We all deserve to love and even accept the skin that we are in. You are still beautiful whether you have acne, scars, cellulite, stretch marks or whatever it is that you want to hide and feel insecure about! Instead, for every part of your body that you don't like, focus on a part that you do like or think of what your body can do! Remember the good stuff about your body and that someone will love you and all the parts you are embarrassed or ashamed about. It is beautiful that someone can love all of you. Hope. You know what my biggest body insecurities were? My nose, my teeth, my smile and my thighs, my height and my hair. Here I will share my past insecurities with you because I am human and not 100% perfect but it is about loving and embracing yourself as you are. With each insecurity, I will also say what I like about it or focus on something else that I like, or say something motivational and looking on the brightside! SOOO-drum roll- let's begin, shall we? I know I am a positive person but I also want to be a relatable unni/big sis or friend I DONT KNOW BUTTHANKYOUFORWATCHINGME---- and share some stuff with my viewers or issues that we can all relate to as human beings, to learn together and to feel some sort of hope or inspiration after this.. you are beautiful.<3 It is a great movement of loving yourself and accepting you! GO AHEAD AND POSE IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR,ROCK ON AND work it ya beautiful being!
Screenshot 2013-11-11-10-07-12-1 by LivelovelifeEleni

Let's get started!- real talkholdup seriously though..serious time: :'Y <3

-Profile Picture By Livelovelifeeleni-d95jq2r by LivelovelifeEleni ( OH YEA, SO THIS IS BASICALLY ME SO YOU KNOW I'M NOT A CREEPPEDOPHILE-- :')) Shalom, hey,hi, bonjour daisuki da yoily ;)

  • Most days I give up on my bangs don't look nice in a straight cut and look bizzare as side/kinda bangs..but they've been my trademark throughout the years in pics! ;)  and it's at that awkward length of not short anymore-yet-not-the-long-hippie-hair-that-i=used-to-have yet..but in a few months I'll have my rock n roll mermaid dream hair length again plus :'o I cut it for cancer a year ago so it was for a good cause! 
  • My nose looked too big in photos when I was 13 and a person had to be rude and say that. However years later, I don't notice and I find my lips and eyes are bigger than my nose, and there is more to my face than my greek nose, plus it's kinda cute and petite someone said! My teeth look fine at the top but just at the bottom they are crowding, luckily either no one notices or they are not rude enough to point it out and don't care (bless you).

  • My smile has two pointy canine teeth.. Well hey I am part goth so I look mystical ;D all about of the magickkkkbaybeh!;)

  • My thighs are curvy but hey, I am proud because I think my legs are strong and I am closer to being a mermaid so and Idon't really think this is creepy but I've been told myhips/thighs are hot...*cricket*....HOLDUP- that kinda made mahlife?anyways;)

  • LASTLY? I am 5'2/5'3. I used to not like getting called tiny. Now I love it! I feel so cute>3< and petite nya! Around other asian girls..I feel tall because they generally are smaller than me..then I'm all ayahh I am a giraffe compared to you ;(// WAHH but cool I am still petite even though I feel like a giraffe sometimes! Diversity!! I AM MORPHING? OH GEEZMAKING MYLIFE! xD - dork joke--shrug ://3/

  • AND GLASSES :'D YOU KNOW THE PARTS IN A MOVIE WHERE THEY MAKE A SUPPOSED "UGLY GIRL"..PRETTY BY REMOVING THEIR GLASSES? WHAT.IS.UP.WITH THAT?  I admit that I usually take my glasses off outside because they fog up too easily or it became such a habit where I'd feel more pretty without them and so I couldn't see zits or whatever or my pores..but as my Mother said " If people do not like you  just because you have your glasses on, what kind of true friends are they anyway? Whether you wear your glasses or are still the same person! You are still you, Leelee" (Something along the lines of that..WoAiNi mama //a/
Screenshot 2015-08-21-04-19-57 by LivelovelifeEleni

* SO LISTEN, YOU: ;A; hugs-- Y o u are beautiful in every single wayyyyy - starts singing* :3 ;3>:D

Live and love life being you. No one else, but unique, beautiful and ohsoprecious one-of-a-kind Y O U <3 Put that crown up my brother or sista! Stay fierce,own your awesomeness and believe in yourself! Sobs- it makes me so happy when people love or learn to love themselves!

CHALLENGE TIME!: If you would like to share, please tell me something about your body or appearance that you do like/love. Or tell  tell me something that you are trying to embrace/ or a part of your body you do not like and yet try to see the good in it or focus on something positive about it! 

NOW LET'S GET BACK TO LIVIN, LOVING, LAUGHING AND ENJOYING OUR LIVES AS BEST AS WE CAN. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH,BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING AND WORTH IT. Why waste any time comparing yourselves or wishing you were different? God, I freaking love you. Thank you for reading this and thank you for being you. Hug CURSE YOU! 

LOL! It's in the clouds! by LivelovelifeEleni
*HOLY cow the way that I edited this makes me feel like I wrote something for a News thing..totally down for writing more stuff positivevibe journals/I call them articles :'D more frequently during College when I get a laptop. For now..back to ze phonee*

  • Listening to: EXO- mama KPOP ohgodtheysoundperfect
  • Playing: Neopets hehe
  • Eating: VeganNiceCream chocolate/banana
  • Drinking: h20! healthy andclean!
🌸🌸♡♡ One of the great things about the invention of technology is that there is almost an app for everything! ✌♦our world is full of hope! These are just one of my favourite One of my fav sites/Apps you can just download onto your phone or iPad or play online. This is called:::::: free rice! It is not a scam. People wanting to reach out and help feed hungry kids and families in third world countries through the World Food Programme by the United Nations. This site helps heal people and you can help make a difference and you can just spend a few mins a day and help feed people through this awesome app by the UN united Nations world food programme! It is all for a good cause and this app is free! Answer trivia questions (plenty of subjects to choose from such as languages, grammar, trivia about stuff) just answer them correctly to collect rice grains and you can play as long as you want to!!:) it is literally fun too like I feel smarter when I practice my Spanish on here and you can learn new stuff too and help others<333 ♥ Another great app I love that I've been using for my workouts especially IS CHARITY MILES; i love doing yoga and my kpop dancing and you just need to install the app turn on gps settings and it tracks the amount of movement you do you hold your cell up like a wii and before you exercise you can choose one out of the list of charities that is on there! spread the love and compassion and kindness and good intention <3 Another good one is invented by some of my inspirations the Keilbergers! Mark and craig! We365 is available on some platforms and is a community of people and activists who want to help and there are ideas and projects/goals to do and that you can do within your community it helps you to stay inspired 365 days of the year! And of course posting nice messages in any website you go to if you leave a comment a nice one helps! Alas, I quickly made this up before my vacation. This is all I could think of at the top of my head for now regarding Apps! ;p Coexist love one another and be good to one another! one love we are all beautiful and deserve Happiness and love and someone out there cares for you. Namaste! I hope you stay motivated and ready for the day! ♥♥♥♡✌ cheers to giving back and apps and companies who are all for that! It helps every thing helps and isn't too small an action to help someone, anyone. The fact that people me hope!! Love you all stay amazing as ya are ;) HUGGIES and love!✌🏄🌻🌸🌸
embedded_item1439613521106 by LivelovelifeEleni
  1. I LOVE YOU ALL. FIRST THANKS FOR THE 2,000 WATCHERS I LITERALLY CRIED I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU YOU HELP INSPIRE ME TO DO WHAT I LOVE GROUP HUGS- and i wanna share this with you. Im a real person who isnt perfect but we are beautiful as we are and thanks for readin! Yes I without knowing..wrote a book!:'D and it skipped some important As bah-- reading you want just for fun xp random dances* 1.)Describe yourself in three words.👽⛅🏄⛅🌈  A)A freaking weirdo but proud!!! OK change IT to alien(Alloneword?) Lookin weird is my normal and gettin dolled up in colour and jewels makes me feel beautiful. Anytging mainstream or normal i feel ugly in its not me and i cant function in shorts even in active ajd always like gogogogo hhehe..Everything in my closet is a pattern or bright it colourful. I don't mind looking like a Hawaiian tourist little kid or a poufy clown or like its Halloween though. 0.0 embrace yourself whatever I feel beautiful in weird clothes and 6 patterns -dance-!Received 944857568892511 by LivelovelifeEleni

    Second oneb)- happy..really hits home.. Of course no one is happy 24/7 it isnt possible or healthy but erm since I was little it felt natural and like home to me no matter what is going on I remember the happy moments and I instantly feel back to myself and i feel..yea. This is me..i wouldnt be me without this it gives me hope..I can't stay unhappy for long even if I tried I guess it comes naturally after trying to look on the bright side. When you get over time it comes natural. Keep at it folks<3 c) old fashioned. Oh gosh no doubt. I'm in love with anything old. From medieval times, 1800s, Jane Austen era, Edwardian era, gramaphones, oldies,classic rock, disco, 80s movies, sock hops, oil lanterns, Victorian dresses, calligraphy, type writers, records. Feels like home to me since I was little. I'm a hippie but more old than new age. I'm a 80 year old grandmum in 18 year old body and I don't mind !! Also in the summer because I'm maybe a bit too modest I don't like to show skin and I wear knit cardigans and pants and Vintage poofy hats. Bah oh well its fun for me. Just do you! SORRY WE JUST STARTED THIS IS LONG I LOVE YOU ALL

  2. Are you left or right handed? Right!! Aww man..brohanas and left hand writing looks as bad as my chicken scratch on my right. Ah well I uh find it legible!;p

  3. What was your first deviation? Hmm one I took on my grad 8 grad trip. Holy cow..just realized it marked the start of this whole thing that I love to do and it was a great trip. Of course I had no friends. I was the gothgoth chixk. But taking pics in solitude helped me appreciate the trip. Two years later i joined da. Changed my life <3

WOAH WHAT HAPPENED? MY apologies IM USING MY PHONE AND I HAVE TO EDIT EVERYTHING ON IT-dances away continue merci beaucoup-:'p <3
  1. What is your favourite type of art to create? Psychedelic art -60s inspired, fantasy art and uh fashion anything bright too.!第 or something out there colour crazy freaky! Its nice ti embrace different stuff!embedded_item1438669218863 by LivelovelifeEleni

  2. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Realism. No um..PAINTING HOW DO YOU GET ALL THOSE COLOURS TO LOOK 2/3 DIMENSIONAL AND NOT LIKE A PEICE OF CRAYON JUST SLABBED HOW DO YOU DO SKIN TONES HOW DO YOU PAINT THIS YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. CANT EVEN FATHOM HOW TO EVEN DO THIS. painting please!;@;<3 someday I'll practice more your growth as a artist and the journey is what counts.👽🌈⛅Screenshot 2015-07-25-15-57-19 by LivelovelifeEleni

  3. What was your first favourite? Not uh..sure..I became inspired by photography of positive how did people pose these items to make it look like this? What was the composition? I wanted to learn! I started my passion for art with photography in grade 8. One of the best decisions I made bless .xu hehe

  4. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Tumblr Static Cfi Bunny Logo by LivelovelifeEleni

    Activism stuff. Like awareness, kind journals, positive stamps, stuff about awareness for stuff and issues in our world and stuff that promotes change and different perspectives and hope,! Bless <3🌈👽🌏★

  5. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? I don't have a favourite that I can recall rigg now but hard to say because so many people share their love if art and are talented. Can I say all of yall? And my first day idol is my -shockingly can't believe it- big sis now! :iconkezzi-rose: the first artist I admired gosh her work is well known and I was so happy zomg bless miss ya big sis<33;@

  6. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? any one of my supporters my gosh everywhere I go I'm all lol would I be recognized? Nah I'm not famous but at same time omg what if I missed u I would love to give a stranger who watches me a hug and take pics and love life together! And random dance!  I guess I don't have official pics of me I basically wear bright big bright pink pointy glasses and bright clothes lots of patterns and do peace sign alot. I'd also love to meet my da fam/bffs especially skullmuffins brandon, thedarkwingedguardian Jesse, lil bro Harlan :icontwilight57: gives me hope I wanna be the best big sis ever for him (there I remember one!) And kezzi and :iconfridgepoetproject: :icongigi50: and my korean big sis unni knightsa/someinfinitexx?/i thibk i got thar right gahh:-77

  7. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? It's hard to say but all of you your support and love has got me here today to pursue my love of activism, spreading love and making a motivational wellness positivity art page . all of you. And also :iconSkull-Muffins: and :iconthedarkwingedguardian:  are the only people from sa I talk to almost everyday because they are on Facebook or Skype with me and I post activism and do outreach on there. They know like almost everything about me. Love my bros! And fail I've known em almost a year and can't remember off the top of mah head the way their usernames are spelt? •did I spell the usernames correctly?0.0 Welllllll-----x3:'D LEVEL POTATO TIME NEXT-?.

  8. What are your preferred tools to create art?🌈🌈 Markers and highlighters! Brighter the better! <3🌻🌻🌏

  9. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Near nature🌸🌺 , out in my forest feeling backyard listening to meditation Buddhist Chinese music or psychedelic music when it's sunny out or with a friend next to me!<33 ahha ll the sunshine and love or on my bed when I'm uh lazy ehheeha...:--6✌✌✌<3

  10. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? ✌🐣🐣YOU☆Aww I can't choose pshh *pokes*!! Girrl I'm such a dork I freak out by all your comments but especially the memories of where people actually came to message and email me that I helped..change or save their lives holy HoMYGOSH---- and help them love life or helped inspire people to help other's. And seeing other people come together to help others I was all BLESS!!!! SO..    My dreams have come true at 16 and I'm so grateful for this life and meeting you all hoyl life. now I think what next though? I do what I love for free. .and it helped change my life. I'm so grateful for you all and Meeting and hearing from you? Priceless. Best memories and the messages that inspired me for a life find. Best memories from da. Bless.  THAT IS ALL PEACE LOVE AND BLESSINGS AND OH MAN..TOOK ME LIKE 30 MINS IM DYIN OF HEAT IN MY ROOM BUT ID SOMEONE SEES THIS ..ROXK ON AWESOME STAY GROOVY ABD HAPPY HOPE TODAY WAS AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE BROHANAS (surfer talk for bro) and sistas! <3♥★★👽🏄🌈🌏🍒🌻🐦

  • Listening to: Summer sunshine!

You are too special to require validation

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2015, 5:31 PM
Look, this is like you! A special flower<3 sorry roo cheesy?:pSimplistic Beauty by LivelovelifeEleni

NO Amount of comments or likes can define you or how great or special you有and your ideas are! )Hey beautiful people <3 sometimes you might not feel appreciated enough or misunderstood or not special but I promise that you are . don't compare yourself to anyone else!! I know i get this sometimes too. No one is perfect!! Like on facebook i write something kind, only two likes. Someone elses status is about getting mad or having the same idea..more likes? Stupid stuff like that. And even bigger stufd! Like if you finally feel good in a swimsuit and no one says anything about it or someone goes oh thats nice and wasnt the reaction wmyou wete expecting (there are more examples) just basically remember you are epic ans worth itt baby<3 Okay remember your talents and what makes you you. Know youre a good person you dont deserve to feel like crap. sometimes logic in life and society is stupid but you are better than that.This is your own life and your own journey!! Please remember that you don't need anyone else to say you are talented or beautiful if you already believe it yourself. Remember girlies and gents you gotta believe in special you!! YOU<3  YOU DONT NEED TO WAIT ON HEAPS OF LOLES OR COMMENTS TO TELL YOU HOW GOOD YOU ARE. YOU DONT NEED PEOPLE CALLIN YA SEXY FOR YOU TO BE OR FEEL SEXY. IF YOU DONT GET AN AWARD? DOESNT MEAN YOU ARENT WORTH IT OR GOOD ENOUGH. DIDNT GET A COMPLIMENT?? COMPLIMENT YOURSELF, YA FLAWLESS ANGEL. DIDNT GET A HUG OR SOMETHING YOU WANTED TODAY THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS GONNA MAKE YOUR LIFE/DAY? SOMETHIN ELSE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY <3 WE ALL FEEL UNDERAPPRECIATED OR NOT SPECIAL. WE ARE HUMAN AND ITS OKAY TO NOT BE OR FEEL OKAY. But I want you to know it isn't foever eaxh second of the day. Good news right? You just gotta believe in you and your gifts and talents and strength etc and I promise the right people shall beleibe in you and understand you baby!!<3 keep shinin my beautiful fam and watchers!! Sincerely, lenni<3 love you infinitely xox je taimeShare a smile! by LivelovelifeEleni

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🌈✌Hello moonbeams🌈♥♥♥DIVERSITY IS BEAUTIFUL!! Diversity is beautiful. Differences are awesome. Coexist♡Don't be afraid to be you and love yourself for who you are♥✌🌺🌈🌟Here's to the weirdos, "freaks", loners, broken, depressed, lonely, underdogs, outcasts, loners, people who don't feel good enough, people who wanna come out, who deal with hate everyday, who are different, LGBTQ, ostracized etc. Look in the mirror. your scars, quirks, things you hate about yourself or admire, they make you YOU. you ARE BEAUTIFUL♡  Don't let society label you. Be who you are. Its your life YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. ♥ Every inch of you is beautiful. Believe in yourself and know that you are worth it ♥ mwa xox☀🌺🌈🌟🌼🌻People come in all shapes, sizes, cultures, religions, skin colour and styles and etc! We are all HUMAN. COEXIST AND RESPECT EACH OTHER!! It is also okay to go against the norm and dare to be different from what society expects you to be, and just fully embrace your beautiful, one of a kind self and your quirks, talents and other cultures and etc<3 don't be afraid of how others receive you. It's your life!!  we should be less judgemental of others and instead be more kind, open minded and accepting as long as no one is getting hurt♥♥♥♥♥♥Large (1) by LivelovelifeEleniManba!! <3 first it was kogal which was a style to rebel against society in Japan!! Groovy<3🌈🌼🌻

Large (2) by LivelovelifeEleniCOLOUR YOUR LIFE!!🌈🌈🌼🌻My kinda style is this and a whole lotta different elements!! Just be you! xp!!

Img 20150722 154104 by LivelovelifeEleni🌟AWESOME FOR COMING OUT! YOU GO GIRLY🌈trans is beautiful! Its your life so don't be afraid to be yourself!! Pay no attentin to judgement or haters!! You will be judged regardless, so just do you! Don't be afraid of being who you truly are. You don't need to hide or feel ashamed because you are perfect as you are and you gotta own it. Woohoo own it sista!♥🌟

Img 20150720 004909 by LivelovelifeEleni🌼Disfigured face? SHE ISNT UGLY OR A FREAK! She is still Beautiful. Someone will love her as she is! Better to be loved for who you are, for you♥ Everyone is loved or liked by at least one person♥ YOU ARE APPRECIATED FOR BEING YOU🌼
Img 20150722 155303 by LivelovelifeEleniReligion, skin colour, size, shape, race, ethnicity, language etc cannot separate us from accepting and loving eachother. Embrace diversity!! DIVERSITY IS BEAUTIFUL!🌏✌COEXIST☆  HONEY, YOU ARE FLAWLESS♥ You are perfect as you are and your existence matters You are good enough!! Keep on living and shining!♥
embedded_item1437705660750 by LivelovelifeEleni🍏🌼✌For more tips on living a healthier and more positive lifestyle, Activism and Awareness, says to get involved, being eco friendly, embracing weirdness and unconventional living, please check out my Journal Articles.♥✌🍒🍇Peace, Love, light♥
embedded_item1434812454323 by LivelovelifeEleni🌈✌🌏LOVE WINS. EVERYDAY CHANGE IS HAPPENING SOMEWHERE AND IT IS SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO. 🌈🌟🌏✌ The positivity, love, acceptance and diversity is so beautiful and it is great to be a part of history in this love revolution🌈🌏givesmehope. ONELOVE。 ONEWORLD。
🌈 🌟 ॐ 🌿 ✌ 👽  👾 🌙HIi! GUESS WHAT? You're beautiful! There is no one else like you! Life is what you make it so go out there and take a risk. Never stop believing in yourself honey. Let yourself be happy and feel joy<33 bad times are inevitable so it is all about how you react to life. You have the power to choose if you will be happy or not today! Reach out and inspire others. We gotta Coexist with one another and respect while open minded and never give up!!★ I am so proud of how far you have come;;; @; Let's change the world !<3 ॐ ❁ ✌

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You have such a wonderfully positive message to share. It is really beautiful, in a world that doesn't always communicate that.  And you do it on a very personal level!  YOU are beautiful Eleni!!!
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I am definitely adding that info the list of jour al articles I wanna write!! I'll be back on DA in about a month of so I'm busy with tools llege and helping people but just wanna say thank u for all the support and love you are amazing I hope u know that and keep being happy <33;@; love you!! Take care!
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Thanks and I totally understand people always could be buy :p
if you want you can link me the journal entry X3
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Nice profile! xD It's very colorful and bright just like you! x3 Saw a comment of your's on another person's profile and thought I would return a nice comment to you too. x3 Keep spreading the love to everyone~! x3 Your a beautiful person even though I don't know you personally. But by your actions, I can tell that you really are a great individual x3. :3 People like you make this world truly a better place to live in. Thank you for being awesome! :D :hug:
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