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For us photographers Eh?
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Rose divider by Sophibelle:iconyellowflowerplz:Rose divider by Sophibelle
❤ My Artwork is inspired by memories, Vintage, dream like nostalgia, Colourful vibrance, Psychedelism and positivity about life. Feel free to take a look inside my Gallery, thank you love❤

Artwork from my lovely fans

(holiday help awareness) what or how are you giving back this holiday?<3 

4 deviants said other (comments please?!)
3 deviants said carolling for people/ giving gifts<3
2 deviants said I don't know how ( trust me there are tons of ways, help out a stranger, give!!, look up ways how to and spread positive Christmas cheer sweetie u go!;))
2 deviants said I'm not but hopefully next Christmas<3
1 deviant said soup kitchen/ donating food<3 (note: sorry I'm very busy but ily and stoked for big projects I'm donating clothing, food and doin my fb and school activism and visiting a homeless shelter tomorrow so stoked you can try these things too(awareness)<3
No deviants said donating!<3


Positive Photographs Part 2 -

Blissful Time by AstranatLost in The Crowd by MyLifeThroughTheLensSunset harmony by Moonlight-TravellerO+T by LolaArtlandsister and brother) by StefaChaoticLove. by inbrainstormWhen You Sleep by goRillA-iNKWhen Summer Took Over by incolor16Summer by Khomenko


Well hey sweetie! My name is eleni! I am a motivational speaker, full time activist/positive & loving life enthusiast and big sis/role model for my younger friends and I love what I do!I tbh I honestly don't care about fame or anything as long as I can make someone smile or see life in a better view man. . You gotta believe the best in people. I visit DA about 1-2 times a week. I mainly go on DA and Facebook as well as RL to inspire, spread positivity, love and happiness. Have a beautiful life! I hope visiting my page can make you smile or your day brighter and I hope that you can be inspired to help change the world and help others! Have a pleasant day and an awesome life groovy darling <3 enjoy your day and inspire those around you. Love you. !<3


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Eleni J. Stefanidis☮
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Flowers and Butterfly by Nina1love1 stamp for peace by kailor:iconhello1plz::iconhello2plz: angel, my name is Eleni! ✽ I am IN LOVE with life. It really is beautiful and I try to live out my life as best as I can. I first started to do activism at 13 online through Facebook reaching out to anime friends and role players who needed a positive force in their life and an encouraging friend while meanwhile I've been discovering life as a preteen. Then I've been doingost of my activism through DA and nowadays I am mainly focused on doing it through facebook and real life since I've entered high school the past 4 years and online activism supportive lots of causes and being a children's tutor and mentor. I hope in the future I can do part time motivational speaking and work with disabled children. I'm also a pansexual and christian but accepting of all religions and people. I hope I'll also find the love of my life while adventuring! I'm a sappy big romantic and pizza is my world I'm a nostalgia lover <3 THE FAULT IN OUR STARS..I fell in love with this book and it has inspired to also live my best life for those who never got the chance to because life is a precious gift.. I am very hyper and 'Drunk'' on life, super crazy, gypsy/ADVENTURER I LOVE EXPLORING THE WORLD AND EVERYDAY IS A NEW ADVENTURE, hippie/mermaid/surf/beachrocknRoller/riotggrl/bright/colourful/classyVintage Weirdo gypsy Hindu mermaid tribal fairy :P HWHERFHG but also mature for my age. I love to help others and make others happy as well as be a good role model/big sister towards my younger fans and friends <3 Yeesh. I'm also a romantic sap..okay about everything basically..the happy fangirl happy tears flow like waterfalls ;p happy tears are beautiful tho, and grateful- hippie Psychedelic old soul who is IN ❤ I absolutely crave adventure and meeting beautiful individuals and hearing their stories as well as experiencing the most that life has got to offer MAN! ❤ I'd like to become a french teacher when I am older as well as a life coach!

I don't bite! Send me a note or leave a comment and I shall get back to you ASAP! <3 Sorry if my replies are late, I have a very on the go life and grade University !! :O I love making new friends <33 Have a beautiful day man! PEACE! XX

I Love my Watchers. by Hurricane-HannahI love my dA family by caybeach

✽ PIZZA IS FOREVER MY HUSBAND AND I CAN EAT IT EVERYDAY IF I COULD MAN..SO IN LOVE..;W; ✽ Life Enthusiast ✽ Yoga ✽ Singing ✽ Music that is non mainstream and proud supporter of unpopular and unheard of bands ✽ Hippie Values : Peace, Love, Non Violence and Unity as well as living a peaceful life✽ Jeus ✽ Rock n Roll ✽ Mermaid life xp ✽ ✽ Classic literature ✽ Raving ✽ Old fashioned soul ✽ Feminism ✽ Meditating ✽ Loving and spreading kindness and joy ✽ ROCK N ROLL ✽ Psychedelism ✽ 60's ✽ French Speaker Xp ✽ doing whatever makes me happy and living to the beat of my own drum ✽ Eccentricity ✽ Beauty within life ✽ Animals ✽ Sunsets ✽ 80's girly music, fashion and teen 80's movies ✽ Gothic and seeing beauty in the dark ✽ surf/beach vibes ✽ 50's wholesome values ✽ classiness and being a feminine lady ✽ Activism and learning LANGUAGES


mermaid -- stamp by lynseaAnimal Cruelty is not funny by Faeth-designSingle by Its-Sabeenstamp for peace by kailorRockband Girl Drummer Stamp by candysmile4006Hinduism-stamp by HopesForFun777Pride :Stamp: by Circe-BakaNancy Drew Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanHappy Goth by Midnyte-Wolffenvironment stamp by environmentheart decora stamp by agentkazAudrey Hepburn Stamp by AmforsytheBoys over flowers stamp by GoddessofWindsThe Fault in Our Stars by izoochooPansexual Pride Stamp by Just-JasperI Love Dance... -dA stamp- by demonicademorteGlee Stamp by emmytonksStamp: I love NATURE by silsadoSoul Surfer Stamp by SuperFlash1980Classical music stamp by TollerkaFeminist by DametoraThe Sims Loading by ClefairyKidPizza addict by chuletzpsychedelic stamp by SeraphoidRave Stamp by MyoijinBeatles Stamp by rheallGirl Rock Nation Stamp by dA--bogeymanCant stop singin stamp by kimy-kissstamp: LiZZiE McGUiRE - logo by SimbiAni80s Movie Fan Stamp by ViciousCherryGoth at Heart Stamp by SanguineEpitaphHYD-BOF Stamp by MiirokuVintage Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHalvsie Pride by yasashiikoNancy Drew Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanGives Me Hope Stamp by Kezzi-RoseThe Beach Boys Stamp by RustyFanatic05

**God bless y'all..these are some DA Family and loyal Supporters and friends who have stuck by me for awhile and it has been a priviledge to have them in my heart :heart: </i>
:icondemileighfreeman: :iconbluchevalier: :iconaspiringuni: :icondarkassassindp: :iconkotei-heika-chrome-d::iconwolverine041269::icontwilight57: :iconpseudowitch: :iconlamamilie: :iconsilverpaper10: :iconkittys-yay: :iconthewritingdragon::iconphantomhivelen::iconinfinitexxx: :iconlunarleon1: :iconagetian: :iconviilovelessvii: :iconcrom-is-dead: :iconthestringsofgold: :iconirideamagicalladle: :iconkezzi-rose: :iconsushi-cutie: :iconpeachichibi: :iconfan-gogh: :iconkrshn12: :iconpukachi: :icontheexplosivesushi: :iconuber-dan: :iconmotor-cunt: :iconennalissia: :iconinfinitebilly: :icondogmatickerr: :iconjaicca: :iconkiimetsukyomi: :iconmangasockattack: :iconskygazing: :icondifferentforgirls: :iconxxnatxo: :icon123iloveotaku: :iconxelenix: :icontgiba: :iconaravil1: :iconplayfulkittyartist: :icondark-chain-chomp: :iconx-vivaerethalonia-x: :iconirishbecky: :iconal3xdk: :iconartistica25: :iconauroraart: :iconhectormcreyes: :iconbepopee: :iconleon52827: :iconsillyyellow: :iconrareflower3377: :iconmuiroflanternwaste: :iconjec00k: :iconzeke-01: :iconthedumbfoundedtrixie::iconchromeantennae: :icondark-lemur: :icongrey-wolf1:
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Life is Beautiful. Breathe, in and out man <3

**Rainforest Relaxation Soothing Background for Meditation**

Life is beautiful. Cherish it, learn from it and live it up! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE and yes, you can make a difference whether it is a smile, a hello or getting involved and being a good friend. I also hope that you may grow spiritually as a person and live your best life! ; :heart:

"It is better to light a single candle than it is to curse the darkness." Be that light

If you would like to talk to someone or need help

I hope you have a beautiful life. Also, if you are going through anything, you are never alone. If you need to talk to someone or need a friend, I will never judge you. Feel free to drop in a message and I shall get back to you ASAP|! <3 Bye angel!

For your consideration : I know life can hand us ups and downs. If you are near the end of your rope or feel the need to talk to someone, anyone.. I will always be here for you. I will never judge you and I am here to vent to and if you need someone's advice or opinion, by your own choice you can send me a message! I will do my best to response as quickly as I can. Thank you.:heart: For more information please click here >
Need someone to talk to bout anything? Ask me!We all deal with sticky and tricky situations in life, whether it be trouble at home, with your friends, yourself or needing to talk to someone confidentially or just wanting a friend. If you need anything at all, any help about the stuff on Deviantart (TRUST ME, I was new here once and people have helped out so gratiously- thank you!!), how to be a little bit more happier, how to see the beauty in life or helping others or if you just want a friend to talk to or have a question. ABOUT ANYTHING..
AND I MEAN. ANYTHING. NOTHING IS TOO RANDOM. You are free to message me at any time and I will get back to you as SOON AS POSSIBLE :heart: because I like to help others and I am here to try and make others happy and someone you can count on to rely on. I also love meeting new people and seeing how beautiful they are!! -- So if you got anything to ask and need help or an opinion on something or advice about life and NO JUDGEMENT and 100% CONFIDENTIALITY (that means it is just between us and

Why I give I love to give llamas! <33 LOVE YOU!

Hey, you are magnificent! :iconbigheartplz:

A llama may be only a deviant art thing, but to me, I send my appreciation by faving, and uniquely telling you what I love about your art and what I think of it, as well as giving llamas. I don't EXPECT them in return, and honestly, if it makes people smile, and I truly do mean what I say, <3 As long as you smile and it makes you feel awesome! You deserve the reward for everything you do! It may be just ''some simple'' thingy, but to me it tells people that I appreciate what they are doing, that they should keep it up, and also a cute/fun thing for them to have :heart: Hey, wouldn't it be really epic if these turned out to be Pandas or Unicorns in disguise? o.O !!

Love you darling. ;) Stay groovy!

F. A. Q


What is your goal on this site/what exactly is it that you DO? :O

My goal on this site is to inspire people to be more happy about life and themselves and to see just how BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS! I want to be a good role model for my loved ones, fans and supporters- because honestly, your support is amazing and I AM SO grateful and you guys are always in my heart! The amount of love- is incredible! I also want to share my love for Photography in a unique way with bright, happy, Vintage Photographs and inspiring posts/Journals throughout my journey in life! )

What or who influences your photographs?
I believe in the ''decisive moment' by the famous french Photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. This means that I capture the majority of my photographs spontaneously and in the moment. The themes within them are about helping to inspire you to have a brighter outlook on life and to be consistently vibrant, Vintage and nostalgic. Some are even captured from some amazing memories that I have had within my life!! ALSO..ADVENTURES..I'm a adventurous gypsy wanderer...I love to explore so I get some of my best photos from voyages <33

What is your ethnicity?
My background is Chinese, Greek. HAPA!<33 愛

What do you do outside of Deviantart/what are your hobbies??
:heart: My biggest passions are singing and dancing everywhere I go! Why not!? I also enjoy reading classic literature, learning about other cultures, learning new things, personal growth, meditation, yoga, learning new languages (I know French, Latin, Spanish, Japanese and German semi fluently), being outdoors, beach vibes, freestyle dancing, writing in my diary about the good things that happen each day (started from January 2013), cooking, watching television (my favourites and the cuisine, news, women's or home renovation channel), hanging out with loved ones and new friends , not being bored ( REALLY HARD TO BE :O), napping, Photography, happy tears/gushing, exploring, going on hikes and adventures, playing instruments (piano, ukelele, drums and electric guitar), writing songs in French, giving advice and helping my friends and family, being as best a role model as I can for my younger friends, Visual Arts, and going to Church.

What Animes do you watch?
Generally, I prefer manga. And 80s anime actuallyall girly 80s Japan culture and its music too!:3 However, my favourites are - Boys Over Flowers , BECK, NANA (ROCK N' ROLL YEA MAN!) Maison Ikkoku, Paradise Kiss, Say I Love You, Peach Girl and Lovely Complex.

-((BACKGROUND CUTTOFF :PP)) Can you be reached anywhere else? ))

I love getting to know my lovely fans !!

FACEBOOK: (I check it daily and post motivational quotes, deep/happy statuses, advice, inspiration, a look into my daily life and my personal account). I am busy but do my best to connect with my fans, fam and friends <3 xo) Eleni Juliette Stefanidis

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Facebook Photography Page (I don't check it honestly ;n;) : Eleni Stefanidis Photography

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Thank you for visiting! A message for my lovely fans/supporters

Support Me! Stamp x3 By thetelegraphist by LivelovelifeEleni thank you 'theclothedcanine' for making me this! It truly means a lot!! If you want you can add this stamp to your page for support! gratzie!

ThankYou by KmyGraphic


I apologize that I cannot reply to all your comments but the support is appreciated! While I am not always on here,-, I do try to respond back to my lovely friends and supporters. Take note that while I cannot reply to everyone, I do see each comment and I am truly thankful for your support and interest! <3 It is because of your beautiful and heart-warming messages and factual proof that I can touch hearts and make an impact means so much to me! It also touches my heart that some of you go to my page just to get that happy fix and get what I am all about on my attitude on life. I never take this for granted..I would never have made it this far without your support! I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL ANGELS ;;A;A<33 lennilove xoxoxodorgtryghg If you need anything as well, I am only a message away!
Sincerely, Eleni <3


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Zalaria Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Student General Artist
Wow you seem like a very positive person, it's always good to see optimistic people here ^^ You deserve a watch! Your photos and quotes are amazing! :heart:
ZoeyShadows Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
TY for the llama!
SkullMuffins Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
Hi friend. :] Is it getting pretty frosty up there in Canada? I hope you're staying warm this winter. :] I wish you all the happiness in the world. What are you doing for the holidays? I have a ton of family coming down to visit. I can't wait. ^_^ Anyway, I hope all is well. Take care.

LivelovelifeEleni Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey brandon sweetie I'm giving back a lot goin to a homeless shelter and donating clothes big projects and lovin life <3 love you hope all is well too thanks for checking up ahh ik I'm always so busy;0
riodream Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the llama, faves as well as the watch list.
Your site is great! I read some of your comments and it is so rare to find someone with so much positive energy.
Since I am just painting, I find that life is beautiful. I have started some big projects and hope to put soon on my site some new paintings.
LivelovelifeEleni Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much have a great life and I'm glad you have so much motivation good luck in your art career too :33<3 all the best
janetandmarian Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student Filmographer
Yes, I can make you moving chipi
But no one you want
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LivelovelifeEleni Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
The first is good I'll pay yoy points now <3 thank you !
janetandmarian Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
sweetladyamy Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the llama; wow you're adorable.

I could learn a thing or two from you...
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