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For us photographers Eh?
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🌈“I wanted to create my own world. A world full of color where everyone could play. One big party that never ends.” Michael Alig."🌈

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✌Ways to help others and spread love and positive vibes on DA👀

Reply in the help with life forum, give llamas, compliment strangers or loved ones, feature artists works in journals, make gifts, etc Don't Give Up Stamp. by NaruButt:icondacompliments::iconlgbt-on-da: :iconearth-awareness-club::iconautismandart::iconlightmyday::iconstop-the-suffering::iconradiateyourlove::iconroad-to-recovery:

COEXIST/ONE LOVEOM Support by Sidarta Peace, Love and Namaste and lift eachother up

Mental llness AWARENESS


My Motivation and Wellness Facebook/Weheartit Pages


For daily positivity, motivation, inspiring about life and about living a hippie, colourful, healthy more bright life or about embracing weirdness, diversity, spirituality, non mainstream Activism, support and awareness and life is beautiful motivation add me on Facebook Eleni Juliette Stefanidis or follow me on for bright inspiration looks, vintage appreciation and collection of positive images and sharing positivity ✌🌼🌎

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Here I hope you find is a safe and loving Page that welcomes everyone and you can check back here to feel inspired or lift up your mood anytime you want, share it with your friends or if you need anything let me know. This page was made to help others feel inspired, motivated and to help see the beauty in life and spread positivity through Art and helping others ♡✌My goal is to help others to love life and to live life more COLOURFULLY♥, embracing weirdness and that being different from society IS OKAY (I am pansexual, a hippie, minimalist and support gay rights, live YOUR life the way you want to), to help spread positivity online and off, share awareness for issues and causes, helping others to be optimistic and LOVE LIFE , embracing diversity, motivational Journals and Tips about living a healthy and happy lifestyle and to share my love of life, Activism, helping others and ways on how you can inspire others too and share Peace and Love ♥✌ Each and everyday is a blessing. Life is beautiful. Hope you learn something or feel inspired to love life and help others. EVERYDAY IS A NEW ADVENTURE. ❤ॐ Coexist (ONE LOVE) protect our Earth , live each day to the fullest!! BE the change you wish to see in the world ♥Namaste

Everyday is a blessing and a gift. Be thankful you were given a life to love and life for a reason. You are beautiful and deserve happiness

Appreciate the little things because they can make your day

One person can make a difference. You can do it. Believe in your dreams and never give up hope. In humanity and in yourself.. there is hope.

Having a kind heart is courage and really admirable. Its never too late to help someone out. Someone needs your help. No act of kindness goes unnoticed and it can change someone's life for the better and make an impact.

Creating change through peace and without violence or hurting others and promoting peaceful change just like Martin King Luther did is beautiful and inspiring

Fanart from beloved fans ILOVEYOU

♥ Thank you so much. My watchers/supporters are like my family. The rest of fanart to me I keep, or can be found in my Facebook album livelovelifeelenifanart❤ I appreciate these works so much and am extremely grateful. I will forever keep these as momentos to look back on and you inspire me to with gifts from the heart♥


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There is beauty in all things natural, in the world of fantasy, mythical creatures and beings and childlike wonder ☆Nature is simply beautiful🍃🌿Blessed be✌🍃 🌏



Here's to the weirdos, "freaks", loners, broken, depressed, lonely, underdogs, outcasts, loners, people who don't feel good enough, people who wanna come out, who deal with hate everyday, who are different, LGBTQ, ostracized etc. Look in the mirror. your scars, quirks, things you hate about yourself or admire, they make you YOU. you ARE BEAUTIFUL♡ Don't let society label you. Be who you are. Its your life. Diversity is beautiful♡✌

♥Thank You for visiting♥

Support Me! Stamp x3 By thetelegraphist by LivelovelifeEleni thank you 'theclothedcanine' for making me this! It truly means a lot!! If you want you can add this stamp to your page for support! Thanks!
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I apologize that it takes me awhile to reply to every comment, but I do appreciate and am truly grateful for all your support. Your heart warming messages inspire me to never stop doing what I love as well, it makes me truly happy and its awesome that I can help others. I hope you can help other people and share the love too. </h3> I am deeply grateful for this amazing experience on da and with the love and support of my da friends, fam and watchers

What is your fave motivational quote that inspires you✌♡Inspire 

6 deviants said What is yours. comment below and let's inspire eachother★👀
2 deviants said mine are Live each day as if you were to die tomorrow;Gandhi, Let no one leave you without being happier◇MotherTheresa, Make the most of each day. love life. life is beautiful. live brighrly rainbow
1 deviant said and when the Goin gets tough. suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion♡Muhammad Ali, Joee*Song◇I feel it in the air hope os everywhere just when you think its gone. and no ordinary miraclelyrics


🌿👽 Eleni Juliette Stefanidis
Artist | Student | Varied


🌈 Bonjour!*cheesy 90s opening pose*✌I'm Eleni, a weird, hyper, highonlife, young at heart, dorky Alien faerie mermaid Elf raver hippie spiritual optimistic Activist who is in love with life!! I believe that life is beautiful and created this Motivation and Wellness Page to help spread positivity through Art and to inspire and others♥My art is based on Vintage, nostalgia and sentimental memories, psychedelism and my favourite colour RAINBOW🌈✌BRIGHT. HAPPY. DIVERSITY.♥ My passions are adventuring, loving life, spreading positivity, eating pizza, teaching children and helping to make others get stoked and see the good in life and see how beautiful it can be♥

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🌈Hey!! If you need to talk to someone, or vent or need a friend, you can message me anytime sweetheart. I care for what you have to say and you won't be judged. You are NOT alone baby.;+♥

a bit about me..I don't like selfies or talking about myself too much..I find it vain♥I'm very sensative (empath) and deeply feel other people's emotions♥I have a bit of ocd and anxiety but that doesn't define me. We are all human♥ I wear my heart on my sleeve♥(everyday as a Hindu, I wear a bindhi or jewels for my third eye chakra) ♥minimalist (the less I have the better, just essentials. I dont like materialism or having too much♥ I hardly swear..I don't like it♥ I believe in keeping an open mind and believing the good in everyone♥Motivational Speaking♥Living Unconventionally (I reject mainstream norms and mass media ideals)♥Pacifist(I don't believe in violence)Adventurer ♥ WOOoO stuff I love about life are: ♡My boyfriend soulmate Daniel♥Pizza, ♥Adventuring,♥Meditation ♥80sJapan♥Paganism♥Medieval era♥Yoga, ♥hiking ♥ Spirituality, ♥reiki healing,♥singing,♥childhood nostalgia,♥ stuff from different cultures, ♥oldies, ♥1960s French culture,♥ Nancy Drew, ♥learning languages♥Elfs♥Alchemy♥Tea, Adventures, ♥detective and retro shows, ♥my Chinese 吃呢色 heritage, ♥being happy, speaking in french for fun♥ astronomy, ♥Jane Austen and classic novels ♥drawing psychedelic bright art, ♥Conceptual Photography♥LGBTQ♥ God♥ Family♥Friends♥ my supporters♥dreams♥nature♥making memories,♥ early morning sunsets, being a witch♥loving Mother Nature♥, Cheese, ♥singing,♥ rain, ♥Anime, ♥High NRG♥/Eurobeat/♥fast happy technorave/♥surf/♥Indian/♥Psychedelic music♥/music in different languages♥ Chakras♥ Meeting people♥ spreading love♥ laughter ♥These are some of the many reasons why I love life. Cherish the little things and LIVE your life the way you want♥ You don't have to follow what everyone else is doing. You only got one life so make the most out of it and stay true to YOU ♥</i>

🌸ACTIVISM CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE. Try to reach out to someone or in your community🌸

Kids are my life and I dream to be a daycare worker or counsellor.♥.These are some of the children that I tutor. These angels inspire me and will always be a part of my heart♥

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God bless you angels..these are some DA Family and loyal Supporters and friends/ and some of my favourite people on DA. Their love inspires me. Thanks for sticking by me as it has been a pleasure to have you as DA family and you're always in my heart. I love you and all of you :heart: 🌈Check out these beautiful human DA fam mean the world to me🌸
:iconskullmuffins: :icondarkassassindp: :iconkotei-heika-chrome-d::iconpseudowitch::iconthewritingdragon::iconinfinitexxx::iconagetian: :iconviilovelessvii: :iconpeachichibi::iconuber-dan::iconskygazing::icondifferentforgirls: :iconaravil1::iconplayfulkittyartist: :iconirishbecky::iconzeke-01: :iconxzoeamberx: :icongoldilockes::iconsomeinfinite: :iconthedarkwingguardian::iconbowwing333::iconkezzi-rose::iconkitsune0jester::icontwilight57:::iconzoeyshadows::iconjenthevoid::iconluckyspirit14::iconariamay123::icongigi50::iconfridgepoetproject:🌸


🌈 🌟 ॐ 🌿 ✌ 👽  👾 🌙HIi! GUESS WHAT? You're beautiful! There is no one else like you! Life is what you make it so go out there and take a risk. Never stop believing in yourself honey. Let yourself be happy and feel joy<33 bad times are inevitable so it is all about how you react to life. You have the power to choose if you will be happy or not today! Reach out and inspire others. We gotta Coexist with one another and respect while open minded and never give up!!★ I am so proud of how far you have come;;; @; Let's change the world !<3 ॐ ❁ ✌


Why I give I love to give llamas! <33 GO SPREAD THE LOVE!

Hey, you are magnificent! :iconbigheartplz:

A llama may be only a deviant art thing, but to me, I send my appreciation by faving, and uniquely telling you what I love about your art and what I think of it, as well as giving llamas. I don't EXPECT them in return, and honestly, if it makes people smile, and I truly do mean what I say, <3 As long as you smile and it makes you feel awesome! You deserve the reward for everything you do! It may be just ''some simple'' thingy, but to me it tells people that I appreciate what they are doing, that they should keep it up, and also a cute/fun thing for them to have :heart: Hey, wouldn't it be really epic if these turned out to be Pandas or Unicorns in disguise? o.O !!

Love you darling. ;) Stay groovy!

It gets better. FAQ Some Motivation and Tips for LIFE

How do you always stay so happy. :heart: YOU GOTTA KEEP GOING♡baby, we are all human and no one can always behappy. In fact, being happy all the time is not healthy, and you may feel trapped or not yourself but it teaches you to be stronger and that's life. Roll with it, choose to see beauty and to be glad to be alive, be more grateful, stop looking back on the past, stop overanalyzing, find hobbies, do what makes you happy, and remember a bad day doesn't mean a bad life♡
Tips to get motivated for the day
:heart: Starting each day or realizing what a blessing it is to be alive and being more grateful is perfect, as well as looking forward to things each day. You could make a list or look forward to the little things like hanging out with someone, eating your fave dish, an activity, TV show, sleep, your gf/bf etc. There are SO many possibilities, opportunities and moments and people to look forward to in life. We deserve to enjoy our lives and live it. its the only one we got!<33 愛
Tips on being healthy
:heart: ♥ lots of water, whole grains or brown instead of white rice/bread, incorporate more fruits and veggies, eating less salty/sugary processed fast food or sweets, 15 to30 mins of exercise each day, enough sleep, less drugs, alchohol, smoking etc. Remember, it is about eating better, not less
Thank your body for keeping you alive and for all it can do♡

ॐ Please: Please don't give up on life. ॐ

I hope you have a beautiful life. Also, if you are going through anything, you are never alone. If you need to talk to someone or need a friend, I care for what you have to say and I will never judge you. Feel free to drop in a message and I shall get back to you ASAP|! <3 Whatever you are dealing with, you are not alonel! Things eventually do get better !

If you are at the end of your rope, please talk to SOMEONE, remember you won't feel this way forever and remember what you deserve.. to be happy, to feel free and enjoy your life and not be a prisoner in it. Your strength is admira ble and you, are beautiful. You deserve to love your life.


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Flareon0274 Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
Do you think you could do an art piece for dysautonomia awareness? Feel free to google it if you don't know what it is.. ^^;

I'll draw ya something in return just let me know what you'd like
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Thanks for the Fave

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You're welcome 🌸>><🌈🌈have a good day🌈✌ and hope you have a happy one
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Nice gallery! Thank you for the llama badge! :D I really appreciate it! :)
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Thanks beautiful♡♡ I appreciate it and you're welcome♡♡
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Perfect sweet gal🌿🌏✌❤I also added u to my olovethese people thing on my profile you rokx heheh look up good vibes on timblr or mother Theresa quotes I love the let no on ecome to you not hppy something like that. She is a goddess✌❤♡u are too hugs lovw You
FridgePoetProject Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Aw, too sweet of you!  :hug:  Shall definitely go a-perusing for Mother Theresa quotes on Tumblr -- thanks for the great tip!  
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Thanks for the llama!!Hooray Llama Badges  
You have a wonderful page~!
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