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YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL: DIY Inspiration Board Project by LivelovelifeEleni YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL: DIY Inspiration Board Project by LivelovelifeEleni
*originally was a trippy mushroom photograph but wanted to put a more inspiring photo that comes from the heart 🌻🌈YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND DO DESERVE LIFE. YOU DESERBE TO HAVE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! Never forget that you are unique, special and one of a kind. You are loved and you matter. So here is a project/art crafty thing to do that will hopefully help motivate you in life to get closer to your dreams and fill it up with inspiring things and people and images that make you happy 🌈✌♡Hey beautiful rainbow family and friends! Here is a craft idea that I thought might be beneficial to help you get a bit of an extra boost to waking up and getting ready for the day or as a craft / Art Project to help put your dreams to life and feel motivated to go after them ( the possibilities are endless with this) <33 Here is a Inspiration/Vision Board made up of images that inspire me and that help fuel me to keep going towards achieving my goals or dreams and help me see my goals and pursuits more clearly and feel more motivated for life and etc. (Here I have some words that make me feel good, bright colours, flowers, healthy living inspiration,hobbies etc)♡ if this can help atleast one person feel better about waking up or ready to get through the day .. or if you wanna give this a try please I recommend it because it can be fun to make plus I love you so much and hope you enjoy this idea and crafts are fun and it makes a great addition to a room or anywhere !<33 CREATIVITY WOO!

♥¸What you will need.•°*”˜˜”*°•. ♥ :rose: glue or tape or thumbtacks, a blank notebook (to decorate the cover) or a bulletin board (to stick pictures onto), scissors (to cut out images or into various shapes) magazines or photos you printed from online or any photos or moments that you want!   INSTRUCTIONS: BASICALLY cutout images (any) so examples: that you feel represents what you want your life to be like, your dreams, goals, passions or words that will help wake you up and get ready for the day, outfits, ideas and fav celebs or fav food memories people friends and fam you name it WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY :DHAPPY and things that make yoy glad to be alive etc then paste it/glue it onto the notebook cover or put your images up on your. Ulletin board with the tacks.t/ 🌻🌻 !<33 if you happen to make one of these or feel Inspired someday to, please I would love to see how yours turns out! Link me to your project on the comments section of my page or send me a note or send it to me in a message on Facebook : eleni j Stefanidis.  You are all beautiful. Never stop searching for beauty in life, keep going..inspiration and beauty can be found anywhere. Let's do our best to be happy, love one another and ourselves and to be excited and motivated and ready for life. I love you so much. Thank you for looking at this <33 love, Leni. 

:heart: Thank you so much for the support and share this craft with a loved one or someone else!! Need any ideas on where to start? Type up vision board or inspiration board online and there should be plenty of results that pop up!♡ Stay inspired! 🌻beautiful beings. Thanks for existing bbs;@ let us manifest our dreams into a reality;!<33🌻🌈♥✌ >w<     🌈🌸🌻☆ FACEBOOK: Eleni J Stefanidis for Community Outreach Projects/ Motivating Posts, Awareness, and lovin life adventures ♥ WEHEARTIT: My Online Inspiration Motivation Board filled with images that inspire me and help me love life : ♥
This mushroom is quite unique! Perfect timing indeed and it truly does remind me of something out of a fairy tale. The contrast of colors in this is simply wonderful with the orange of the shroom and darks of the shadows. The way the light comes from the sun and right onto the mushroom as if the light is coming to the flower like section at the top of the shroom. And the focus directly on the mushroom and the front layers of grass is great. A wonderfully done piece, I hope to see more great things from you! Keep it up!
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July 23, 2012
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